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Totally. Fucking. Ruined.

Third in the series and certainly not even close to a letdown.  Note that these books are NOT stand-alones.  While each story has a completely different style and feel, you have to read them in order or you lose a good chunk of story and emotion.

Speaking of emotion.  If you're here, you've already read Archer and Jake.  Archer is the king of angst.  You won't reach those levels in Bennett (most of us take a deep breath of relief there... I barely survived that one) you reach whole different levels of emotions.  I did have tears streaming down my face reading parts of this one.  Just like you did in Jake.  (Not physically inside these dudes, that's weird.)

Bennett will cock slap you with emotion and humor and a ton of feel goods.  The writing is still mind-blowingly brilliant.  There are parts, paragraphs, scenes (the whole fucking book) that just blows my mind on the level of talent of authoring.

Red Riding Hood scene.  Dear Lord.

The sound he makes is something liken to a groan and a cry, the twist of noise is eager and frantic. His large palm meets his mouth, hard, the hand sliding down his chin and massaging his jaw rigidly. 

“Fuck. Me.”

Dropping my arms back, my coat pools at my high-heeled feet and reaching back, I pull the hood of my silk cape up and onto my head, letting him see my outfit in its entirety. 

Palming his cock through his jeans roughly, he growls my name, following it with a pained, “Riding Hood.”

Love Darci's skittishness.  Love Bennett's perseverance dealing with her skittering.  Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.  FINALLY, a chick not ready to commit and the dude wholly invested.  These characters are THE BEST and downright relatable.  Darci is mah gurl.

Pick up this series.  You will not be disappointed.  Each book as its own style, its own flavor, its own theme.  But the writing is a solid consistency across the board.

Haley Jenner deserves to win all awards for debut author(s) of 2017.   

I am totally. Fucking. Ruined.



Haley Jenner is back with the second in the series and we have Jake.  Full of emotion, angst, and a pierced penis.  No shortage of detail here. 

Once again the HJ team killed my emotions with their soul-crushing style of writing.  The push and pull of Aubrey and Jake was shattering.  Each time one of them pulled, I felt like they were pulling off one of my fingernails with their emotions. It was raw and painful.  And I devoured every second of the pain.

Some of the characters did a chicken twistie on me that I wasn't expecting and I am still sitting here with my jaw on the floor seething.  This situation must be rectified and we must seek revenge on this in the next book.

No matter what I say in this review, it does not do these books justice.  These are hands down some of my favorite books in history.  Archer is still my favorite, but Jake is not far behind.

While this is a stand alone-ish, I feel like you miss so much by not having read Archer.  The layout, the foundation, and the setup to it all begins in Archer... the book, Archer, not in Archer himself.  I cannot wait to see what they do with Bennett's story next.  And if a certain character that shalt not be named redeems her/himself.

I believe in these two authors with every cell in my body (minus the vegemite).



Fuckkkkk... This one is heart breaking, heart wrenching, heart throbbing, heart filled.  Ugh.  So much hearts.  

This is honestly an EXCEPTIONAL book.  It took a toll on my emotions and I wasn't sure if I needed a stiff drink or a stiffie at the end, but it was all worth it.

The characters were real.  They were descriptive.  And while Archer was absolutely fucking infuriating at times, the mental POV going on at the same time as his outward actions explained SO MUCH.  And made it easier to stomach (kinda).  This is a seriously emotional gut-wrenching BUT oh-so-worth it read.

This one took me to the edge, dropped me over it dangling by a thread, and looped me back in.  I don't know where these two authors came from and how they co-wrote this piece, but it was so well told and spun, it was literally breathtaking.  I'm still out of breath.  And words.  

Hands down.  One of the best I've read.

Archer is so engrained in my head, this book will never, ever leave me.

I was so very, very, very fortunate that Haley Jenner found me.  I am forever in their debt of their books and will forever bow at their feet... or something.

Go in blind and just take it without lube.