Jake Dean crushed any certainties I thought I had in life. He took my perfectly sculpted existence and tipped it upside down. I let him. I actually pushed him to do it, if I’m being honest, which isn’t something I overly pride myself on.

Aubrey King was never supposed to be mine. I guess even now, she’s not. Not really. She made me question my character, my morals. But I go back. Every. Single. Time. I’m addicted to her.

Our story is about faith. About taking the chance at love. Taking the leap against whatever doubts that may consume you, against whatever you may think is right.

Our story is about overcoming self-doubt. Being true to yourself. It isn’t hearts and roses. We’ve made mistakes. Ones that others would never forgive us for. Some we might never forgive ourselves for.

Our love has caused an immense amount of pain. Not just to one another. But to our loved ones. We’re good people. Or so we thought.

We fell in love. Was it right? No. Will we survive our own decisions? Who knows. All we can be certain of is that through our own demons, through our mistakes, we have to have faith in what we share.

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