Here we are again. Release week. Maybe even eve if you’re living in the future with us.

Tangled Love will mark our fifth release in less than one year. FIVE. I can barely reconcile that in my mind. Never, in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that we’d publish a book. Now here we are. Four hundred and thirty-five thousand, two hundred and forty-two published words to our name.

This journey has been one of discovery. We’ve learned a lot. Important things like nicknames warrant a capital letter, but endearments don’t. We’re not gonna lie, most of the time, I’m pretty sure I drop WAY too many commas into my sentences, but that’s why we have ellie. In all seriousness, we’ve found so much beauty in our ability to express ourselves through the written word. Creativity and inspiration wreak havoc on my mind. Choas reigns, but in truth, I wouldn’t know how to survive without it.

The characters that J and I create, to us, they’re real. They come to life in our minds and we hope, with every story we write that they escape the pages you read in the same way. We hope who they are and the journeys they take, embed deep in your soul, and revisit you often. They way any good story should.

Our newest release, will introduce you to Parker and Codi. This week is ALL about these characters and their debut into the world. We took our time perfecting this book, and we’re super fucking proud of it. It’s got the angst. It’s got the heat. It’s got the heartache. It’s got the addictive love. Add to that a little suspense and you have your tangled love story. 

Like many romance novels, Tangled Love explores the deep connections of love, in all it’s tortured glory.

We hope you fall in love with Parker and Codi, in the same way we did. They’re incredibly special to us both and we’re really excited to let you into their world.

Thank you for continuing to read our words, we say it often, but we appreciate it more than we could possibly say. We love you all and hope with everything you know that.

Much love, as always,
H and J xx

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