Do you know what's daunting? Self promotion.

Do you know what's daunting? Self promotion. 

Oh, hey Sally, how've you been? Good, good. Yeah, kids are good, work is the same. You? So you read? Oh you read romance novels? Nice, you want to read one my bestie and I wrote? I'll text you the link, let us know if you like it... 🤦🏻‍♀️ Awkward, times a million. 

Yeah, we could do a status update, promote the shit out of it to our friends and family. But our main focus with the Leaves of a Maple series is for the books to sell organically; for people who already love and read the genre to come across it and buy it. Not for my husband's work colleague to read it because he wants to know if the main character resembles my husband (hell NO), or a girl I went to school with to read it and tear it to shreds because she always held a grudge against me for stealing her boyfriend (may or may not have happened), or worse still, my son's school friend's mum downloading it and being horrified that she stumbled across the word 'cunt'. 

Not to mention that FB & Insta prohibit paid promotion of anything that is remotely sexual in nature i.e. The delicious half-naked male torso on the cover of Archer. 

So....we're going to do two things...keep on keeping on with the awkward convos with people we know (& trust) who already read sensational smutty romance novels with a healthy addiction to book boyfriends AND let Archer and his amazing story sell itself. We'll let the reviews and word of mouth referrals from the amazing people who read it, push it to the tops of reading lists and encourage people to take the chance on him, and us.

Jenna McIntyre