Luca. Intense. Thoughtful. Assholey. Luca.

The story that was never going to be written. The story that became a necessity because our Viking buried so deep in our hearts that he became a necessity. His character demanded to be written, until the time actually came to pen his story… *insert eye roll* Luca has been, hands-down, one of the hardest books we’ve ever written, not because the storyline was difficult for us to swallow, or nut out, but because our stubborn hero only spoke when he felt so inclined. But when he did speak, man, did he gives us all the feels.

This book is layered with dynamics that you get with every Leaves book. The secondary characters are out in full force, tensions are flying, and connections solidify. We have a wedding, a tragedy, a fist fight, and a beautiful discovery of unicorns ;)

We hope you enjoy our conflicted Viking and the light Frankie shines his way. These characters are hurting, broken down by love, and not looking to heal it in the same way. We hope this story makes you laugh and breaks your heart, only to piece it back together. We hope you feel these characters the way we do; completely and adoringly.

Jenna McIntyreComment