As we near the release date for our second published novel, JAKE, we move through a myriad of emotion. This book was an important chapter in our Leaves of a Maple series and one that we needed to do justice. After reading ARCHER, a multitude of readers expressed their love for Annabelle’s relationship with Jake. He was such an imperative part of framing who Annabelle is as a character in ARCHER and so for us, it was integral that Jake was gifted the story he deserved.

For us, this book is layered in a way that brings real life into fiction. It not only focuses on our hero and heroine, and the evolution of their relationship, it explores the decisions they make and the domino effect of choices for not only them, but also their loved ones. This story delves into the trials and tribulations of both Jake and Aubrey’s secondary- relationships. Tested friendships, strained marriages, the parental dynamic, sibling interactions and failed intimacy. This story explores topics of disquiet; infidelity, fear, self-doubt, self-loathing. The characters have tested us, as we’re sure they will you, the reader. They’ll fire a cluster-fuck of emotion; you’ll feel anger, hate, sadness, bitterness, irritation, lust, love and in the end… hope. If we ignite these feelings in you when you read this book, we’ve succeeded. One hundred percent.

This book has had large chunks re-written, more than once through its creation. J and I bled our souls into this book, like Archer, like we do in anything we write. On top of that, there are people we need to thank for this book because they can’t go unacknowledged. (Like, they’re in the acknowledgments in the book, but we don’t know for sure everyone reads that….)

ellie. Fuck. We don’t actually feel there are words that exist in the English language to convey our gratitude for you. ellie is in this book. We nutted (or butted, or fisted) out giant, imperative parts of this story through text messages, through 9-minute long crazy person voice messages (that was me, not her), more eye rolls than you could ever imagine and in the end a part of ellie’s soul is etched firmly within this story. We owe you the world, ellie. You have our friendship (hopefully that counts us enough). We fucking love you.

Stacey and Sarah. You know what you did. Thank you for helping us to make this story as strong and as fabulous as it could possibly be.

We really hope everyone enjoys JAKE and we really hope the love we feel for him and Aubrey is something you guys share in. 

Jenna McIntyreComment