It’s a nerve racking one ol’ release week. It doesn’t get easier. Not in our opinion. I guess in a way you’re offering a little more of your heart with every published novel. Here’s my lifeline, hope you enjoy 😬 😉 Every time a story is released into the world you open your characters, your storylines, your writing, yourself up to criticism, to judgement. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the thrill of reading reviews, of seeing what someone may or may not like in a story. My favourite book boyfriend will be different to yours, or maybe they’re the same, but for different reasons. I think that’s what I love most about this community of book lovers. I crave the different viewpoints, the opposing opinions. So as scary as release week is, it’s also really fucking exciting!

Which brings us to Bennett. Wickedly sexy, sweet-as-sin, Bennett. We had SO much fun writing this guy. Hand on heart, he’s perfection. P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N (I’m on my phone, that single word took a really fucking long time to type).

Those who’ve read our work would likely think of angst if asked to describe us in a single word (hilarious and beautiful aside of course 😉), shit we do the same. We live for ANGST, for heartbreak. Fuck, Archer almost killed us as we wrote him and Jake broke our fragile black hearts all over again 😭 But Bennett, our delicious Big Bad Wolf, he’s a little different. We’re not gonna lie, you’re not gonna get full angst in this story, but in reality that’s not Bennett and Darci. Our stories are written by our characters, THEY dictate their journey and this book is one hundred percent perfected to Riding Hood and her Big Bad Wolf. Bennett is a fabulous book, one we’re SUPER proud of. It’s a story is FULL of heart. It’s hot as fuck, Jesus, Bennett and Darci are sexy as hell.

Bennett will ruin you. In the BEST possible way. You’ll cry. You’ll laugh. You’ll definitely swoon. You’ll smile. We lurve ALL the feelings and we strive to share them all with you with every book we write.

We hope you enjoy our wicked, sexy charmer. We hope you feel Totally. Fucking. Ruined. after you’ve experienced him in all his glory.

Thanks for loving us as hard as you guys do, it means the absolute world to us 🖤

Mark your calendars, January 13 and you can go to sleep nestled in with our guy.

Much love, HJ 💋

(Side note, my iPhone needs to understand that I ALWAYS mean to write FUCK. Totally. Ducking. Ruined. doesn’t really have the same ring to it.)

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