We’re filled with a mixture of intense excitement and nervous energy as we launch our broody hero into the world. Kind of thinking that the excitement is winning out though, because, holy shit, we wrote a book! A book that has been playing in our minds for what now feels like an eternity. 

We started throwing the idea around of writing a few years ago. The idea stemmed completely from our love of reading and the way we would spend hours discussing characters, their lives, their stories. Eventually our conversation morphed into what characters we wanted to see, what their lives would look like and how their stories would unravel. 

From there Archer was born. This book has been such an amazing journey for us. The characters within this series have played such a big part of our lives for so long now, they’re a part of us. Completely. We’ve spent countless hours wondering if we were crazy for even considering doing this. But, in the end our hero won out, because Archer almost demanded to be written. His character was so sure for us, as was Annabelle and their journey together seemed to unfold in our minds like their story was already written. That’s not saying we haven’t looked at a chapter and scrapped it completely, starting all over again to make sure it was right. We’ve most definitely done that a few times (or more). 

We love Archer and Annabelle’s story. It’s heartbreaking and so full of emotion. They’re passionate and possessive. Strong and definitely a little damaged. 

We cannot wait to share the first in our Leaves of a Maple series with you all. 

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HJ x

Jenna McIntyre