Archer's Re-release!!

Some time ago, we decided to let a story sitting within our minds, come to life. We sat down and we wrote a book. A book that we love with our entire beings. Archer is one the the great loves of our lives and a few months ago we made the decision that he deserved to be the very best version he could be. We owed him that. We owed ourselves that. So while we have released him previously, we unpublished and let Ellie McLove at Love N. Books weave her magic. And weave did she. We loved this book before, but now we're obsessed. It's fucking amazing. Everything we could've ever hoped it would be. 


We're so thankful to everyone who has already given Archer a chance and we're so excited for the rest of you to meet him on May 13.


You'll notice he has a new cover too. We commissioned an amazing local artist to sketch our cover and we're beyond excited with what he created for us.


Please know that if you've purchased Archer previously, his revamped version will hit your devices on release. If you've purchased a paperback, shoot us an email and we'll hook you up when they come our way. 

Jenna McIntyre